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Professional Qualifications:- Bsc (Hons), MRICS

I possess over 28 years' experience acting predominantly for landowners in the identification, promotion and eventual disposal of properties with development potential ranging from sites with planning permission to more strategic development opportunities.

Since joining Gerald Eve as a graduate in 1994, I was appointed a Partner in 2003 before being made principally responsible for the residential development team. I provided advice to clients from both the private and public sector on opportunities throughout the United Kingdom but with a particular emphasis on the South East.  

As such, I am fully familiar with developers' requirements and can identify opportunities to market development sites  on behalf of clients either on an advertised or off-market basis.

I am particularly experienced at ensuring that clients benefit from the negotiation of contractual terms that ensure developers are placed under strict obligations to achieve the required objectives whilst limiting opportunities for renegotiation or a failure to complete.

In addition to development agency advice, I am often asked to act as an Expert Witness for clients who have found themselves in contractual or valuation disputes with developers or landowners. 

My experience has included acting in a number of cases where my comprehensive understanding of the development process and knowledge of market practice has resulted in settling disputes on commercially advantageous terms.   

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