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Track Record

Below is a small selection of recent instructions.

Further examples, tailored to your particular circumstances, are available on request.


The Bell Field, Harpenden 

Lot size £46m

Acting on behalf of a National Children's Charity, I negotiated the sale of the property on an unconditional basis to a UK Pension Fund with significant interests in housebuilding.

The deal completed in 2019, following extensive off-market negotiations reflecting the special interest that the Pension fund had by virtue of its ownership of an adjacent landholding.

With the property being located in the Green Belt, I initially recommended a strategy involving the promotion of the property through extensive local plan representations and high level political engagement. 

The results speak for themselves with my client having secured the full market value for the property on a basis which does not expose them to the risk of securing planning permission or future downward market fluctuations.

Screen Shot 2020-07-25 at 17.11.26.png

St Raphael's, East Sussex

Lot size £4m plus

This 63 bed care home closed in September 2019 and dpa² was appointed by the owners to secure a sale of the property.

The Local Planning Authority had an emerging Local Plan with highly restrictive policies designed to prevent the loss of the existing use for which there was little or no market demand.

I recommended a  two-stage extended marketing strategy designed to demonstrate that the only realistic prospect for re-use of the building was through residential development. This involved the creation of a dedicated website which can be found at:-

The Local Planning Authority has now accepted this in principle, a purchaser has been selected and an application is due to be submitted by Q3 2020.

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 11.30.27.png

Priddy's Hard, Gosport

Lot Size -£5m plus

Acting on behalf of the Portsmouth Naval Base Property Trust, dpa² was instructed to find a new development partner for the property.

The solution involved a discreet market testing exercise resulting in the selection of a regional developer with the vision and credentials to secure planning permission for a scheme of the highest quality that was granted despite the site being designated as a Scheduled Ancient Monument and containing listed buildings.

Completion of Phase I is scheduled for September 2020 and Heads of Terms are also agreed for a subsequent phase of development involving over 100 additional units.

The Trust’s website can be accessed at:-


Imber Court, East Molesey

Lot size - £26m

The property comprised an Industrial Estate owned by a UK Pension fund, which was protected employment land  in the Elmbridge Local plan.

My initial advice resulted in the granting of a promotion agreement requiring the Promoter to obtain planning permission before selling the property in open competition.

In the latter stages of the project, I acted for Cala Homes and advised them on an appropriate basis to acquire the property.

My advice resulted in the successful acquisition of  the property at a price in excess of double the original book value of the asset.

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